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I am currently updating my website and this page is in the works. Please stay tuned for more details on tips for fun, affordable, safe, off-the-beaten-path travel! Topics will include:

- What to pack and why

- What new and cool travel products actually make a difference

- How to maximize space in small luggage

- How to save money on trips

- How to get find lesser-known, non-touristy sites

- How to save money on flights and lodging

- Why you need travel insurance!

Feel free to let me know what sort of travel tips you'd like to see here!

Before my October 2017 trip to Mexico

Before my October 2017 trip to Mexico

When packing for a trip, lay out all your belongings on your bed or the floor and organize by category (day clothing, beach ware, toiletries) and activity (scuba diving, cycling). Make sure you have your charges, headphones, toiletries (including earplugs and an eye mask if you are a light sleeper, like me). You can find all my favorite products in the Travel Store!

When you need to pack a lot of products, such as on long trips, compression sacs can be very useful. Also stick to one color theme so you don't need to pack 4 pairs of shoes to match each outfit!