Escaping the Everyday


"We had an amazing time in Egypt. It's not often that you look forward to a trip so much and it actually lives up to its expectations like this did. It was the trip of a lifetime."

- Josh S., New York City, July, 2017

"EscapingNY customized a special travel plan for me focusing on an in-depth, authentic Havana experience. During my short stay, I made many interesting local friends, biked off-off-beaten paths, and learned about Cuban culture. I'd highly recommend EscapingNY to anyone interested in really getting to know a country. Thanks again!"

- Wei C., (New York City), July 2017

"Many people love to travel but few are actually good at it. Cassandra is one of these rare specimens that can pull it together wherever she's at. With a sense of adventure and also a keen idea of how to relax, she is capable of maneuvering in many situations. Cassandra is also completely bilingual in Spanish and English, which means she can help you achieve a truly unique experience - not just the touristy stuff. With her help, I was able to make the most of a week-long escapade to Cuba and I hope to be able to travel with her soon."

- Megan Frye, editor of Savoteur (Mexico City), May, 2016

"EscapingNY helped me plan my own solo trip to Cuba, providing great tips for staying within my budget, and narrowing down the worthwhile places to visit based on my interests. As a result, I felt a lot more confident traveling alone and had a successful trip because of it. I recommend EscapingNY to anyone needing a trustworthy guide outside of a travel book."

Marissa Stern, Professional vagabond musician. (Detroit, Michigan), October, 2016

"It helped so much knowing exactly where we were going and that we were getting there with trusted people. All the casa owners were wonderful as well, and our meal in Playa Giron was the best I had the whole week! We also had a wonderful experience with our taxi driver. He gave us a fantastic experience, full of information about each area we visited. He was also very protective of us and made sure we were well fed, safe, and well taken care of. He really looked out for us like a dad, and we were so sad to say goodbye to him!"

- Kamber S., Washington D.C., June, 2017


"Zip lining and scuba diving were great, I enjoyed the trip very much! We would not have done this many activities if we had gone on our own. Thanks!"

- Mei C., New York City, April, 2017