Visit Cuba: February '17

Join me in Cuba this spring for an unforgettable trip to my favorite Caribbean island, seemingly stuck in time. Now that travel has become much easier to the island, Americans are scrambling to get there.  However, the US government has threatened to change new open travel guidelines, which would make travel to Cuba much more difficult. We should lobby our government to support the Cuban people by making travel to Cuba more open and to end the trade embargo.

Join me to for an authentic exploration of Cuban culture, history, food, music, and to get to know the kind, generous, and endlessly optimistic Cuban people. The total trip cost (including flight, accommodation, food, activities) will be between $1500-2100, largely determined on your personal travel style. Eating in restaurants geared at tourists vs at Cuban restaurants and staying in a hotel vs an apartment/shared home stay will be a difference of several hundred dollars. Of course participating in pricier activities such as scuba diving will increase the trip cost, but you can absolutely have a fantastic trip even without doing lots of side activities. Either way, you'll enjoy an authentic trip and visit the top sites along with non-touristy, off the beaten path locations.

Some sample activities include:

- Ride in a classic American convertible

- Swim in crystal clear water and lounge on white sand beaches

- Visit the hottest night clubs, art galleries, and theaters

- Explore tobacco plantations, hidden swimming holes, and caves!

- Bike through the streets of Old Havana

- Stay with local families, B&Bs, or hotels (prices vary)

- Optional horseback riding and Bay of Pigs scuba diving/snorkeling packages available

- Guided Havana tours focusing architecture, mob life, or Santeria/Afro-Cuban religion

- Longer and shorter trip options available


"Many people love to travel but few are actually good at it. Cassandra is one of these rare specimens that can pull it together wherever she's at. With a sense of adventure and also a keen idea of how to relax, she is capable of maneuvering in many situations. Cassandra is also completely bilingual in Spanish and English, which means she can help you achieve a truly unique experience - not just the touristy stuff. With her help, I was able to make the most of a week-long escapade to Cuba and I hope to be able to travel with her soon."

- Megan Frye, editor of Savoteur (Mexico City). May, 2016

"Cassandra's service helped in planning my own solo trip to Cuba. She was able to give me great tips for staying within my budget, and helped narrow down the worthwhile places to visit based on my interests. I felt a lot more confident traveling alone after speaking with her, and had a successful trip because of it. I recommend her services to anyone needing a trustworthy guide outside of a travel book."

Marissa Stern, Professional vagabond musician. (Detroit, Michigan), October, 2016

"I traveled with Cassandra for 10 days and had an excellent time. We went on a flamingo-watching boat ride in a nature preserve, jumped off waterfalls in the jungle, cycled through Old Havana, visited several beautiful beaches, and went salsa dancing in a hot nightclub built inside a cave. I had limited expectations of Cuba because I don't speak Spanish and I'd never traveled to a "non-westernized" country. My expectations were absolutely exceeded. Cassandra opened my eyes to much more adventure and culture then I was ever expecting."

- Amy M, New York City, December, 2015

See my previous blog posts to help you plan your upcoming trip to Cuba and to get a feel for the day-to-day life that few tourists encounter.

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